The new America: from State to Community

The transformation of our society, meant as a community of persons, cultures and identities, constantly linked among them, imposes a significant change of mind in respect to old patterns, leading us to imagine the America of tomorrow as a real Community, able to remold itself according to an economical and procedural model less stiff and invasive, in accordance with peculiarities, and therefore with the interest of its single State.

Community means also and above all the end of an unidirectional management, whose line has been imposed mainly by the protection of the financial profits of few groups having power, at the expense of those – much more important – of the People, above all belonging to the middle class.


Generational turnover and politics’ cost cut

It’s undeniable that, by holding power for a very long time, you’ll end by considering it as a sort of private ownership. This is no more admissible. Therefore, stop with Members of Congress and Senate being in charge for more than thirty years, without giving chance to more motivated people, who also are unrelated with the “logics of power” displacing after long time.

Let’s also say stop to politics of ostentation and wastefulness in order to promote a politics able to support itself through a real involvement of the foundation. Therefore we ask for a maximum of three mandates and the introduction of a “attendance fee” payment for Members of Congress and Senate (full salary for who is always partecipating, not even a cent for who is absentee).


America start-up: a new Reaganomics

The example of President Reagan is the one that should inspire and guide every action of ours. Eight years of Obama-Clinton administration were enough to wipe out the Middle-Class, in the name of a statehood of socialist type that, in any part of the world, has been condemned by time and history.

In the coming years, the State should be subjected to a very strong slimming cure and, at the same time, taxes should be decreased in order to give again the chance to every single American to give themselves the challenge and test their skills in a finally competitive job market. America must become once again what it has always been: the Land of opportunity.

We believe it’s very important to dismantle substantially the bureaucracy and to establish measures aiming at valuing the matter, instead of dispiriting it. We believe it’s high time to give all necessary tools to our young people in order to put themselves to the test.


State: less and better

In 1919, the brilliant intellectual Italian Filippo Tommaso Marinetti said that «State must be the administration of a big firm called Homeland, belonging to a big association called Nation». President Reagan used to say that «Taxpayer works for the state without being a civil servant».

Making a hupothesis, we could say that top brass of the American Firm should be fired straight away, because of their administration in the last eight years and because treating us workers badly. A more simple State means a less expansive and invasive State. A more modern State is a more dinamic and quick State. A more equitable State is a State which reduces its own useless bureaucracy in order to truly protect the weakers.


Culture: our core-business

Who, if not America, should invest in culture? It’s a paradox but, up today, our Country is not investing enough. Why should we allocate more funds for culture? It’s easy, because it means job, tourism, more opportunities for tertiary sector, in short, the so-called satellite activities.

Without culture there’s no development: for this reason, the program that Alex Anderson wants to achieve has, among its main basics, the construction of a real politic for culture, taking into consideration a medium-long period, whose action aims at valueing the inestimable artistic, cultural and landscape heritage, which we are so lucky to have.


For Freedom

Finally, after some understandable initial distrust, the great majority of Americans is realizing what has been demonstrated by the revelations of Edward Snowden, that all our e-mails may be read, every phone calls of ours may be listened and every move may be monitored.

This means not to be free. Of course I never thought of questioning the war against terrorism and terrorists, to which we should not give respite, but all this cannot be used as a pretext to start up a system worse than the one imagined by Orwell in his 1984.

For this reason, I like to think that my election campaign could be a kind of Freedom Act, or rather a campaign through which collect and spread the message of freedom courageously started by Edward Snowden.


Relationship between West and Islam, fight to ISIS

Let’s start with the concept of Homeland, the Land of Fathers, because in it and from it our roots are drawing life-blood in order to make each branch grow day by day. The scenery created after the tragic attempts of September 11, 2011 – which marked the beginning of World War III – oblige us to wonder on which is, in effect, the pattern of Homeland to follow.

We say this because it’s important to understand that the conflict between West and Islam is first of all cultural, rather than militar: this matter was raised by Benedict XVI with his memorable Lectio Magistralis of Ratisbona in September 12, 2006, and because of it he was obliged to capitulate from a coalition between the Islamic «terrorism of cutting-tongues» and the «tyranny of relativism» which is depriving West of its basics of identity, values and culture of the only civilization – ours – which gives importance to sacredness of life, individual dignity and freedom of choice.

In such a context, what we have to ask ourselves is wheter it’s worth to reduce the matter to a series of propaganda slogans, or wheter, on the contrary, this matter has to be faced as the real main battle, whose aim is to re-affirm our identity. After all, if we think about it, we can only ascertain that who is in fault is not Islam which – being understood our considerations about it – is just maintaining its values, but we Westerns, who so many times we have raised the white flag letting us be ruled by that procedure which is determined to bring all genial brains to clump mass, homologating them to a model of mono-cultural society, in order to better control them, fading our identity heritage, up to cancel it.

In this context, the new President must just divert the extremely wait-and-see attitude of Obama, and find a solution to some undeniable mistakes of the past through a decisive intervention in order to annihilate the virus called Isis.



It will be important for the new President to realize a programmatic platform able to give a burst of light in the darkness of our era; just like a lighthouse enlightening the route of sailmen lost at sea, in the same way the solutions we’ll be able to offer, will mark a rift which we’ll keep on following in order to solve historically unresolved matters, as the enhancement of enormous historic, artistic, landscape and cultural heritage which distinguishes our Country; the struggle to defend individual freedom and privacy safeguard; the pursuit of politics through which reduce the distance between State and its less lucky children: I mean disabled ones, ill people forced to suffer in a cold bed of hospital because of an often motiveless therapeutical tenacity; old people left alone, young couples who would like to have children but can’t afford it, family’s fathers who can’t sleep in the night because they lost the job, people who after being separated have lost their dignity because they were forced to go back to live with their parents, our grand-fathers rummaging in the trash because retirement fund doesn’t allow them to buy food, Police Force, our Soldiers, Fire Fighters and all Americans who each day risk their lives by defending our integrity, usually for a low salary and without the right tools to better accomplice their job.

We must!