Alex was born fortythree years ago in the heart of Los Angeles, and grew up in San Pedro with his mother Ann, his father Ron and his inseparable friends seagulls, which he used to watch at the harbor, every day at sunset. After graduating from Yale, Alex got a PhD in International law and economics and, after only a few months, passed the exam becoming the youngest District Attorney of whole California.

Along with sea salt, at Anderson’s you always breathed an air of politics and, thanks to the influence of his father (US ambassador in Italy), his mother (political journalist) and especially his grandfather Philip (US Senator), Alex grew up with a passion for civic engagement, cultivating the myth of the unforgettable President Reagan.

Since College years, Alex began to attend the Young Guns of GOP and Tea Party and, after his graduation, he decided to do active politics in the ranks of GOP.

In the Mid-term elections of 2010, beating Democrat Trevor Spencer thanks to an election campaign based on personal contact and the use of social networks, Alex was elected in district nr. 436 of the US Congress, and in 2014 was re-elected for the third consecutive time and, during 2016 presidential elections, he was candidate for republican nomination for President of the United States of America.