We are born and work in the name of supreme values such as Family, Homeland, Freedom and those Judeo-Christian roots on which the ethical and cultural basis sprout up.

We are convinced that the future of America is tied to the future of the family, whose protection must be at the top of priorities of our Nation, starting with the defense of the weaker: children, disabled, old people.

Among our principal basic foundations, we have involvement and meritocracy, through which we want to promote a kind of society which is finally freed from “castes” and oligarchies. A society in which all women and men have the same possibilities, and in which they can be evaluated through their real worth, without any political, religious or racial discrimination.

According to the kind of society in which we trust, we believe it’s necessary to build a new Right, which has the courage to slacken off and look ahead.

Simply we believe that a period has ended, and that it’s up to our generation to start a new one, through which we can build an America proud and aware of its history but, in the same time, perpetually looking ahead and therefore being able to outguess and win all challenges of tomorrow.